prescription painkiller addiction

Prescription Painkillers Addiction Lessons From Ray Lucas

prescription painkiller addiction

Ray Lucas | Painkiller Addiction

Ray Lucas still has bad days, when his body aches and his mind wanders to the dark place he once thought he’d never leave.

The former NFL quarterback is a recovering addict.  He cherishes the chance to open his eyes in the morning. After all, for Lucas, dying once seemed a lot easier than living.

“I live day by day and one day at a time,” Lucas said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. “I still have a lot of pain that I deal with, but I relish in the fact that sometimes you’ve got to walk through hell to get to heaven.”

Heaven is being the husband Lucas knew he wasn’t. It’s being the father to the three daughters who just wanted a minute of his time. It’s being the son, brother and friend that everyone missed.

“I’m living a dream now,” Lucas said, “and it’s a far cry from where I was before.”

The 39-year-old Lucas struggled for years with an addiction to prescription painkillers. He shares his story as a cautionary tale to NFL rookies and veterans alike — and to help people struggling with addictions. He wants them to know they can get their lives back, starting by using the website

The site, sponsored by Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals, offers people the chance to find doctors who specialize in dealing with opioid addictions for discreet office visits — rather than treatment facilities that might require lengthy stays.

“The hardest thing for an addict to do is ask for help,” Lucas said. “We don’t want anybody to know who we are or what we think we are. It’s, ‘I’m ashamed of myself,’ or, ‘I’m embarrassed.’ For stuff like this website to come out, it’s game-changing for people who suffer from addiction.”

Lucas appeared to have it all a few years ago. He was a popular quarterback who had stints with the Patriots, Jets, Dolphins and Ravens during a seven-year NFL career that ended in 2003. He stayed in the game in retirement by becoming an Emmy award-winning studio analyst who’s not afraid to speak his mind about the Jets for SportsNet New York.

But, he harboured a dark secret that was gradually tearing his life apart. He was addicted to prescription painkillers after suffering severe neck injuries while playing football. Lucas was popping pills like candy — about 800 a month — and wondering where it all went wrong.

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