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olutions Recovery has multiple beautiful houses with great things to offer. Refreshing pools, fully-stocked kitchens, comfy beds, the list goes on! One thing that all the houses also have in common is they are co-ed.

Part of the treatment process is normalizing relationships with other people. The world that our clients walk into after treatment isn’t segregated by gender, so our houses are not either. Treatment for addiction does frown upon intimate relationships with others during the first year, so the houses do have 24-hour monitoring to make sure that focus is on your personal healing and not your intimacy with others.

We take into account every clients preference when entering a house, and make sure that all are welcome and comfortable where they sleep.

Did you know that there are (at least) 63 different gender combinations? Solutions Recovery welcomes every sex and gender (yes, there is a difference!) and has made it a point to educate clients who were not open-minded on the topic before entering one of our houses.

Don’t let this subject be cause of worry or something that hinders you from getting treatment from us! Give us a call today and we can help you on your path to recovery!


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