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Couples Rehab in Las Vegas Nevada

Behavioral Couples Therapy can be an effective treatment option for married or cohabitating couples with substance use disorders (SUDs). Couples therapy is designed to provide treatment for alcohol or drug abuse to both people in a relationship simultaneously in order to create a supportive environment for each person in the process of recovery.1The purpose of couples therapy is to improve and strengthen the relationship while each partner helps support the other’s sobriety.1

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in a Relationship

The loved ones of a person struggling with substance abuse may also be affected by the condition.  Substance abuse has a negative impact on family members and is especially taxing on a relationship with a significant other. The damage caused in a relationship because of one or both person’s substance use does not just go away when someone becomes sober.3

Common issues couples may experience as a result of substance use disorders include:3 Codependent behavior.

  • Bonding over substance use (and little else).
  • Emotional distance.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Neglecting responsibilities.
  • Neglecting children.
  • Job loss/financial stress.

Can Couples Go to Rehab Together?

While couples therapy has been beneficial as a way to address substance abuse within a relationship, inpatient treatment for couples is less common. For example, as recently as 2012, all but 2 treatment facilities for injection drug-using couples in New York had a “no-couples” policy.4 In one particular study, that policy was justified by the intense dynamics surrounding couples when both people have substance use disorders, that may include higher rates of intimate partner violence, co-dependency, and the need for individualized treatment.4 There is a sense that each person in the relationship may feel able to participate more fully in their own treatment and recovery if they are not preoccupied with their partner during the beginning phases of treatment. Typically, a combination of individual and couples therapy is considered most effective.4

What to Expect in Couples Addiction Treatment

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment for individuals or for couples. In fact, the health of the couple depends on the health and recovery of each person in the relationship.4 As such, many who are enrolled in couples therapy may also benefit from individual therapy.4

There is, however, a process that is typical during any kind of addiction treatment that includes the following:

What Therapies are Used in Couples Addiction Recovery?

There are a variety of addiction treatments based on a person’s unique needs, but behavioral therapy is usually an important aspect of treatment for most individuals and couples. Behavioral therapy is designed to help change patterns of behavior that involve substance use through counseling with a licensed provider. 5

Counselors can help people identify triggers that lead to substance use and help individuals develop healthier coping skills to manage those situations. They can also guide people to cultivate their own internal motivations to stop abusing drugs or alcohol.5

Marital and family counseling can help each person in the relationship with the dynamics of substance abuse and codependency within the relationship. Examples include:

What Treatment Program is Best for Couples

Determining the right course of treatment, for a person or a couple, is a highly individualized process. Treatment is tailored to the specific needs of each person as well as the couple or family as a whole. Factors like the location of treatment services, the amount of time spent in treatment, and exactly what services are covered by a person’s insurance provider are all taken into consideration.

Options for treatment include everything from inpatient rehabilitation centers to outpatient counseling services and support groups. Some people may need medication-assisted treatment while others might be able to manage withdrawal and cravings without pharmaceutical intervention. Various behavioral therapies will likely be part of any addiction treatment, as will relapse prevention support.5

Does Insurance Cover Couples Rehab in Nevada?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) dramatically changed the landscape for the treatment of substance use disorders in the United States, a direct response to the public health crisis brought on by the opioid epidemic.7

The ACA essentially expanded insurance coverage to include treatment for substance use disorders and mandated that SUDs be covered in the same way that medical and surgical procedures are covered.7 It also extended insurance coverage to millions of Americans through Medicaid expansion and state health insurance exchange programs.7 Regulatory insurance reforms also require the inclusion of SUD screening and brief interventions for all insurance plans.7

Finding Couples Rehab Centers in Las Vegas

Of the 66 mental health treatment facilities listed in the 2019 Nevada state profile survey of mental health services, 55 of them offered couples and family therapy, and about a dozen of them were licensed or certified as state substance abuse agencies as well.2

Finding a treatment provider can feel overwhelming. but there are resources available to help. Talk to your doctor or health care provider and ask if they have any referrals or recommendations. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a treatment locator dedicated to helping people find services in their area.

American Addiction Centers has a 24/7 helpline that can help answer questions couples may have about the treatment process. Call 1-888-606-1707 for more information. AAC also operates Desert Hope, a Las Vegas rehab that provides treatment for individuals and couples struggling with substance abuse.