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Cost is an important factor for many who are seeking rehab for substance abuse. Those without insurance in Nevada may be particularly concerned about the cost of rehab, and some may put off treatment out of fear of high costs. It’s important to understand that cost shouldn’t be a reason to delay potentially life-saving rehab, and that there are options available in Nevada to help those without insurance pay for treatment. In Nevada alone, there are over 40  of the 81 facilities that provide no charge or minimal payment for low-income individuals.1  An additional 39 facilities in Nevada offer sliding-scale fees to help clients pay for treatment.1

How to Find Free Rehab Centers in Nevada

If you are looking for free addiction treatment, your first step is to locate free rehab facilities in Nevada that provide high-quality care for substance abuse. By taking the first step in your healthcare and seeking out clinics that provide drug addiction treatment for free, you will see hope and light for the future. Reaching out to your doctor and discussing treatment options can be an important first step in finding free rehab centers in Nevada. You may also consider visiting SAMHSA’s treatment locator in order to find free rehabs in the Las Vegas and Nevada areas.

Who Qualifies for Free Rehab Programs in Nevada?

Many people may be eligible for free rehab programs through SAMHSA’s various funding to states.3(top) The Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) provides states and jurisdictions with the ability to offer:3(top)

  • Drug addiction treatment without insurance.
  • Substance abuse prevention activities.
  • Treatment services.
  • Recovery support services and places.

You should reach out to the facility directly, or to your doctor in order to determine your eligibility for free rehab programs. It’s also worth noting that SAMHSA programs tend to give priority to certain demographics, including but not limited to: 3(top)

  • People who inject drugs.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Women with dependent children.

Types of Free Rehab in Nevada

There are different categories of free rehab centers. It’s important to contact the facility before attending to find out if they have any associated costs for treatment. Also, inquire about their therapy to ensure that they are using evidence-based programs.

Government-Funded Rehab

Government-funded rehab facilities are available at the state and local levels.5(pg 7) States may use the substance abuse funds they receive in various ways and provide them to different facilities.3(top) These facilities are state-funded rehab centers, and when you call a rehab, you can ask them if they receive government funding to provide rehab without insurance.3(top)

If you are a veteran, you may be able to access free or low-cost treatment through one of the many VA treatment centers in Las Vegas.6 However, many VA programs require one to be a veteran and to be enrolled in the VA health insurance program. If you suspect you may be eligible for free rehab with the Nevada VA, you should reach out to a VA representative or enroll online.

Faith-Based Rehab

Faith-based rehab is another common type of free or low-cost rehab. SAMHSA alone works with over 800 faith-based community partners to provide care to individuals.7(1st section) These faith-based organizations or churches are eligible to receive funding from SAMHSA, so they can pass the free services to you.7(1st section) While many faith-based programs blend evidence-based therapies with most spiritual programs, this is not universal. It’s important to determine if a faith-based program offers medical, evidence-based care before committing to treatment.

Support Groups

Another resource to help people find recovery is support groups, which can help connect you with your peers who are working towards or maintaining recovery. Many support groups in Nevada, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, are based on the 12-step method. In addition, to the support groups named above, there are others that use alternative and secular methods for recovery, like SMART Recovery.

While support groups can be an excellent way to get more information about treatment, build a support network, and work towards recovery, they tend not to offer evidence-based or medical treatment on site. Many may find support groups a complement to medical rehab rather than a replacement for it.

Benefits of Free Addiction Treatment Programs

Free addiction treatment programs can be incredibly helpful for low-income individuals or those without insurance. While the eligibility of these programs can be strict and wait times may be long, free rehabs provide individuals with affordable or free treatment that may be unattainable at a traditional facility. Even free rehab programs that do not use evidence-based practices, like support groups or faith-based programs, can still help. Oftentimes, these programs can help answer questions about rehab and build sober support networks for those working towards recovery.

How Can I Get Immediate Addiction Treatment in Nevada?

Since rehab facilities are often full, it may be difficult to get into treatment on the same day that you call—although it may not be impossible either. Of course, if you are experiencing an emergency, you shouldn’t wait for rehab availability but call 911 for emergency medical assistance.

You may also seek to take advantage of substance abuse helplines. SAMHSA operates a national helpline to connect those with treatment facilities. American Addiction Centers also operates a substance abuse helpline that can help connect you with treatment facilities.



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