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When someone is dealing with an addiction issue, it can lead to an array of problems, including legal issues. Sometimes substance abuse may result in court-ordered treatment.1 There are about 3,800 court-ordered rehab programs operating in the United States.1These drug courts are located in every state and some federal districts.1 Court-ordered substance abuse treatment can be beneficial for some people because it allows them to get back on their feet and avoid going to jail.1

Nevada has a Specialty Court Program, which includes a court-ordered drug treatment program.2 This means that some may be able to attend court-ordered rehab in Nevada. Understanding what court-ordered rehab is, what the rules are, and how to find the best court-ordered rehab center in Nevada can help you make the best of the situation.

What Is Court-Ordered Treatment?

Court-ordered rehab is, as the name implies, an order from the court for rehab.1 Court-ordered drug rehab is designed specifically for people with a substance use disorder who get in trouble with the law.1 Through court-ordered drug treatment, you will enter a drug rehab program, and the court will supervise.1 In exchange, you avoid a jail sentence.1

In addition, as part of the agreement, participants must stay in recovery, act responsibly, and make progress in living sober.1 The court-ordered drug treatment will supervise you and ensure you make progress.1 It follows these steps:1

  1. Legal incident.
  2. Court-ordered treatment for substance abuse.
  3. Monitoring and supervision.
  4. Discharge

As a result of drug courts, crime is minimized, and positive change affects people’s lives.

Reasons for Court-Ordered Treatment

The main reason that one may be sent to court-ordered rehab is if a person is struggling with substance abuse and violated the law, but is largely non-violent.2 Eligibility requirements will vary greatly depending on the state and type of court-ordered rehab program. It’s important to remember that a great many drug courts are for people dealing with addiction, and the programs are for non-violent offenders.2

Some of the reasons a person may find themselves involved with a court-ordered drug treatment plan would include:3

How Does Court-Ordered Rehab Work?

The first step in court-ordered rehab programs starts in the legal process. A court-ordered treatment plan is initiated because of some type of legal issue.1 It could be an arrest for drug possession or another misdemeanor.1

If the court feels that because of your substance use disorder you are likely to reoffend, they may recommend court-ordered rehab. The theory behind a court-ordered program is to solve the issue not by punishment but by solving the root of substance abuse.1

After the initial legal incident, you may be referred for evaluation for a court-ordered rehab program.1 You will be assessed for eligibility. Then you will enter the drug court rehab program and begin treatment if eligible.1

You may need to agree to undergo random drug testing regularly and appear in court for hearings during court-ordered treatment.1 Participation in a drug rehab program is required, and there you will receive clinical substance abuse treatment.1 The length of court-ordered inpatient rehab in Las Vegas varies depending on the situation.1 When you have fulfilled the program’s requirements, you will be discharged and your criminal charges will be adjudicated.1

Benefits of Court-Ordered Rehab Programs

Being in a court-ordered treatment program brings many benefits for the person involved. Some of these include:2

  • Being less likely to reoffend.
  • Learning coping mechanisms.
  • Providing a structured environment.
  • Creating a healthy environment.
  • Receiving encouragement and support from others.
  • Getting an ongoing progress assessment.
  • Helping you join a society of law-abiding citizens.

What Criteria Does an Offender Have to Meet for Court-Ordered Treatment?

As mentioned above, you must meet the eligibility requirements to qualify for court-ordered drug rehab. The criteria for court-ordered rehab may vary on the specific details from state to state. However, the main criteria for court-ordered drug rehab are:4

  • The crime was a non-violent misdemeanor.
  • There is no history of violent crimes.
  • There is no history of drug trafficking.
  • The person has a substance use disorder or serious mental illness.
  • The court believes that the offender would benefit from rehab.

Who Pays for Court-Ordered Rehab in Nevada?

If you are granted a court-ordered treatment program in Nevada instead of a jail sentence, you can begin the process of verifying your insurance. The courts work to adjudicate your sentencing but do not get involved with the financial aspects of rehab. You can use whatever means you have to pay for court-ordered drug rehab, including private insurance, self-pay, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Finding Court-Ordered Rehab Centers in Nevada

Nevada has approximately 65 Special Court Programs.2 Among these are courts that work with individuals facing substance abuse and legal issues.2

The Special Court Program consists of the following programs:5

  • Adult drug court.
  • Felony DUI.
  • Mental health court.
  • Juvenile drug court.
  • Veterans court.
  • Family treatment drug court.
  • OPEN program.
  • Gambling treatment diversion court.
  • Adult drug court transitional age program.
  • LIMA diversion program.
  • MAT re-entry court.
  • Co-occurring program.

To apply for any one of these programs, please visit the Clark County website.

In the meantime, you can connect with American Addiction Centers (AAC), which operates a quality rehab center, Desert Hope, in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are available 24/7 to provide quick and confidential addiction assistance or answer any questions you may have about court-ordered rehab.

What Happens if You Fail to Complete Court-Ordered Treatment?

Once you enter into the court order rehab treatment program, you agree to the terms set forth by the court.1 Attending rehab is a mandatory part of the program.1 If you fail to follow through with participation in the program and drop out of rehab, you will have to pay the consequences of the original crime you were charged for.1 Often this involves a jail sentence.1