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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Vegas

Outpatient alcohol treatment can vary greatly in required therapy hours and services provided, but for many people, being able to live at home or go to work while also attending a rehabilitation program is incredibly beneficial. Ranging from just two one-hour sessions with counselors and support groups per week, to several hours of both individual and group therapy five days per week, outpatient programs are structured to allow those overcoming addiction to have some flexibility in their schedule. They can still go to work, attend classes, or take care of their families; they can live at home, as long as they are able to stay drug-free; and they can even take prescription detox medications, like buprenorphine, with regular doctors’ visits.

How to Find the Right Outpatient Program in Las Vegas

Typically, outpatient alcohol treatment programs will work well for people who have support at home to remain sober and continue attending meetings. However, many people also choose this option because they do not want coworkers or classmates to know they are struggling with addiction. Often, people choose outpatient rehabilitation because it is less expensive than inpatient care, which involves additional costs to cover food and housing while the individual attends the program.

For people who attend outpatient rehabilitation, location is a major factor when choosing the right facility. In a large city like Las Vegas, it’s important to understand how individual needs, state certifications and requirements, and optional program offerings work together. With a solid understanding of these issues, individuals can choose the best outpatient alcohol treatment program for their situation.

There are many different kinds of drug rehabilitation because no single approach to treatment will work for everyone. Outpatient rehabilitation may be a good choice for people who:

  • Have supportive family and friends, and a safe, drug-free home
  • Have mild to moderate addictions, meaning they have not struggled with addiction for years
  • Struggle with one substance of abuse, rather than several
  • Do not have a co-occurring mental health condition
  • Do not have serious health problems, including those caused by their substance abuse
  • Are committed to working on their recovery outside counseling sessions

Additionally, working with a therapist or physician to assess one’s needs can help to determine whether inpatient or outpatient alcohol treatment is the most appropriate option. This depends on one’s physical and mental state as well as financial and scheduling needs.

There are other things to factor in when deciding on an outpatient program. Consider the following questions:

  • Does the rehabilitation program offer detox assistance?
  • What state and nonprofit certifications, licenses, and accreditations does the facility have?
  • Are there medical services provided, such as treatment for co-occurring medical conditions?
  • What kind of therapy is provided? (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-Step support, etc.)
  • Are there programs to continue care after the rehabilitation program has been completed? Is aftercare planning included in the overall program?

Gathering Resources for Las Vegas Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Oftentimes, when people are looking for a recommended outpatient rehabilitation program, they can start with a doctor or counselor, preferably one who specializes in addiction treatment. These medical professionals can write referrals to initiate treatment and help set up an initial treatment plan. Other options to find recommendations include:

  • Private insurance: Choosing in-network coverage can offset the overall cost in part or full, which makes rehabilitation and recovery more manageable.
  • Human resources: If an employer has an HR department or a person in a similar position, ask about Employee Assistance Programs. These are designed to provide work-based assistance for mental or behavioral care, including support for a leave of absence.
  • Trusted friends or family: Enlisting help and delegating tasks make the process of finding the right program faster and simpler. Asking for help can also begin to heal relationships that may have been damaged due to addiction because the friend or family member can see steps toward positive change.
  • Social workers: Hospitals, community health centers, and state agencies often have social workers on staff who can assist with the process of finding an outpatient alcohol treatment program. If they aren’t able to assist directly, they can point individuals in the right direction.

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There are many resources available to locate and access outpatient rehabilitation, both standard and intensive, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nationally, resources include:

Locally, Las Vegas residents can contact these organizations for help finding outpatient programs or assessment for referral to treatment :

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