Denise Matthews Had To Become The Crack Addicted Vanity in 1994 – But Now She Is Clean

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An evangelist is a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith. Evangelist are not typically associated with drug addiction.

But in the 1990’s Denise Matthews was in a popular music group called Vanity 6. During this time, she took the stage name Vanity and developed a crack addiction, in which she overdosed in 1994.

From those looking in, it seemed Vanity had the most glamorous life – with the singer Prince as her mentor – success was laid out before her. Yet, no matter your advantage in life, you do not start drugs to feel bad, but to feel better. Something was wrong.

Vanity died in that overdose in 1994, but Denise Matthews survived, and lived until 2016.

After her 1994 overdose, Denise Matthews left Hollywood and rededicated her life to her local church. It appears she left her addiction behind to start the life she really wanted – as an evangelist. She said she was miserable throughout her past singing career.

She has spent the last decades doing what she loved and has died at age 57 from sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis, which is a rare form of peritoneal inflammation.

If you sometimes feel like Denise, you do not have to take it so far as to develop another personality to cope, then overdose before you get help. Contact Solutions Recovery now, we are a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Las Vegas. We will detox your body, and get to the underlying reason why you feel you need drugs to survive.

Prejudging the addicted celebrity

Many drug addicts, like the young Denise Matthews do not feel comfortable in their own skin, despite the confidence they portray to the outside word. Which is why we still find it so shocking that a celebrity has developed a drug addiction. For us, it seems celebrities have confidence, good looks, money and fame – we feel that they should not have anything to worry about that warrants drug use!

Too much to handle

This is obviously a simplistic reaction to a high profile person’s downfall especially when accompanied by drugs. People deal with stress differently. We all have different skills we trade for survival. Some of us are athletes, doctors or business people. What we think about ourselves can be drastically different from what others think about us. Many entertainers have to wear mask to sell their skills, just as we act differently at work or home. Sometimes this is too much to bare.

This disconnect is what leads some entertainers and people to start drugs, which is a coping mechanism to survive in this world. Denise Matthews had to become Vanity for a while, but she is OK now.

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