Cooking Meth With Shake And Bake

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Mix some common chemicals found at the grocery store, shake it up into a plastic bottle and if it does not explode in your face – you have meth. The common chemicals to mix, I have left off this blog. But if you hang with the wrong crowd, their ingredients are no secret.

The above technique is called shake and bake. It does not require expensive equipment or a dedicated lab for cops to bust.

And this is why law enforcement is worried.

Police claim the new shake and bake process is  more dangerous than normal meth labs. If you happen to come across a discarded meth making bottle, do not handle it because left over chemicals may ignite. In 2014 WDBJ7 News in Rockbridge County, VA reports that a man died after the batch of meth he was making (at a rest stop) caught fire.

Fumes From Shake And Bake Are Addicting

The person cooking meth this way is not immune to addiction fumes, nor are anyone around them. Although the chemical reactions are inside the bottle, the bottle is porous. The chemicals can interact with the environment. Normal cleaning will not remove the chemical by-products used to cook meth. Chemicals may remain on forks, spoons, floors counter tops, and absorbent materials.

Meth is extremely addictive. It can be smoked, hence the fumes can addict others during the shake and bake process. Meth creates a short lived euphoric feeling. Because it is so short, users continually binge on Meth to maintain the high.

Common Items Associated With Addiction

Meth addiction is one of the easiest to get started with, and one of the hardest to kick because common household items, like batteries can trigger your addiction. Whereas an alcoholic is triggered by a drink, a meth addict may be triggered by common everyday things they cooked meth with. This is called drug addiction association. If you are being triggered by everyday objects to abuse meth, this is not a good way to go through life. Please reach out to us, or anyone else to get help.

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