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mother naturePain is a reaction to stimuli that we all hate to have; unless you are a masochist, then it’s probably fine. Pain is a part of what makes us alive, it motivates us to stay away from damaging situations, protect our bodies when we are hurt or trying to heal, avoid similar experiences, and an indication that there is a situation in our bodies that we need to address quickly. We experience various kinds of pain, but we can simplify them to emotional pain and physical pain. There are times in our lives that we experience so much pain that we need medical assistance which leads us to use prescription painkillers and anti-depressants. But the more we use these types of pain-relievers, the more that we rely on them, the bigger the risk that we become addicted to them.

Can Mother Nature help us?

We rely on prescription medicine so much because of their almost immediate effect. But with prolonged usage and either intentional or unintentional misuse could potentially be damaging in some other way; in turn, we may just solved our current problem by replacing it with another, thus trapping you in a spiral of problems that you could not control. In order to at least help in preventing prescription pill addiction, we can turn to Mother Nature for help in gradually relieving pain.

Natural Pain Relievers:

1.Turmeric – One of the best anti-inflammatory spices around, Turmeric is used a lot in Asian and Mediterranean food. It’s a natural pain killer that helps relieve arthritis pain, joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, etc. It also has anti-microbial properties that could help soothe and heal sores.

2.Astaxanthin – commonly found in microalgae that are used to feed crustaceans, it gives the reddish color of shrimp, crabs, and lobsters when cooked. It is also used in biotech for medicinal experiments. Astaxanthin have a powerful anti-inflammatory capability which is good for joint pain and it boosts our immune system.

3.Heat/Cold Compress– one of the most common home remedies, it is good for strained muscles and reduces swelling, and even alleviate headaches.

4.Eggs – eggs are very rich in B vitamins that helps lessen the severity of depression.

5.Spinach – it’s not just good for you, spinach have high levels of serotonin which makes you feel really good. Alterations on our serotonin levels could combat the effects of depression.

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