Are Marijuana Lounges the New Bars in Nevada?

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As Nevada explores the options available in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use, some are suggesting that so-called “pot lounges” are the way into the future, especially in the areas of the state that are heavily invested in tourist dollars and excessive recreation.

The idea is that providing a place where it is legal to smoke weed and hang out, much like a bar provides those who drink alcohol, will boost sales of marijuana, which will in turn increase tax revenue and balance the state budget.

At least, that’s the hope. Bear in mind that the entertainment industry, gambling industry, alcohol-specific industry, and even strip clubs are not focused on building up legal recreational marijuana in Nevada. All these industries are wary of incorporating marijuana sales into their business models by any means for fear that it will draw the attention of federal authorities, given that marijuana use for any purpose is still illegal federally.

It is the plan of certain state legislators whose campaigns are heavily backed by the marijuana industry. In fact, State Senator Tick Segerblom calls himself the “Marijuana Majarajah” and spends a great deal of time advocating on behalf of his financial backers, but those in the gaming industry adamantly disapprove.

A.J. Burnett is the Gaming Control Board Chairman. Said Burnett: “We told licensees to stay away from marijuana because they could be involved in federal law violations.”

Whatever their personal opinion on the use of marijuana, its safety and/or its impact on users as well as the community at large, it is clear that authority figures are viewing the issue purely from a financial standpoint.

What do you think?

Substitute Addiction?

For Nevada families who have a loved one who is currently living with a substance use disorder of any kind, the legalization of recreational marijuana may be received with mixed reviews. Some have expressed the hope that their loved one will stop using opiate drugs and other substances that have acute overdose potential and start using marijuana instead.

While this “substitute addiction” may initially seem like a far better option, it “fixes” nothing. As long as someone is using an addictive substance of any kind, there is always a risk of accident or overdose. Marijuana used in combination with other substances can be deadly, and in the case of edibles, marijuana use can cause an overdose. It is not a viable substitute, and use of the drug does not signify a treatment of any kind.

Connecting with Treatment

If use of crystal meth, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, or opiate drugs is a problem and recreational marijuana use won’t help solve it, what will?

Treatment. Intensive and comprehensive care that provides a uniquely tailored treatment plan based on the needs and desires of the individual living with addiction is an absolute must. No bare-bones treatment program and no one-size-fits-all option will be able to connect the individual in need with the specific coping mechanisms that will facilitate a long life in recovery.

It is important for Nevada families to seek out a drug rehab that has the ability to provide unique and directed treatment for their loved one.

Specifically, it is important to find an addiction treatment program that:

  • Is CARF-accredited
  • Staffs highly educated substance abuse treatment experts
  • Provides a multidisciplinary team of treatment professionals to support clients in recovery
  • Offers a guarantee for their treatment that supports long-term recovery
  • Connects family members with support and education
  • Offers aftercare services and support to graduates to empower them to sustain their new sober lifestyle

Does your insurance cover treatment for Marijuana addiction?

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If ‘Marijuana Lounges’ Open…

Essentially, if you are in recovery and marijuana lounges begin to set up shop in your town, you will need to take precaution just as you do with bars. That is, you will want to avoid them as much as possible by not living or working near them. If you find you end up outside of one inadvertently and it is a trigger for you, have people you can call who will talk to you as you navigate your way to a 12-Step meeting or another safe space.

How do you manage triggers associated with bars and/or seeing other people drink or get high? What do you do to help yourself avoid relapse?