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Hotlines Numbers for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Florida

Issues concerning abuse and addiction of prescription drugs, alcohol, and other illicit substances inducing heroin, cocaine, and crack are becoming more and more common and widespread across Florida. What’s more, both mental health and physical consequences of substance abuse disorders have become evident during the previous century, resulting in the emergence of a wide range of available treatment resources, including addiction helplines.1

The first suicide prevention hotline funded by the Government of the United States of America originated in the year 2000. However, the first helplines are much older, having first appeared more than sixty years ago. It was in the 1960s that the first LGBTQ+ hotlines were established in an effort to alleviate rising suicide rates among the aforementioned community.2

This helped establish the helpline model as a support resource for other in-danger communities, such as veterans, abuse victims, as well as individuals struggling with mental health and illegal substance addiction problems. Hotlines showcased a way for individuals to receive professional guidance and assistance when facing a potentially life-threatening crisis.2

The year 2018 brought a high number of overdose-related deaths across the United States, 67,367, with almost 70% involving opioids. In FL, 68% of overdose-related deaths involved different opioids. Substance abuse and addiction treatment hotlines available in Florida remain one of the most important and helpful ways for residents of this state to begin their road to recovery, making them an essential tool in overcoming the opioid epidemic.3

What Is a Hotline for Substance Abuse Services in Florida?

FL substance abuse and addiction hotlines represent a free service any individual can contact when in need of advice, guidance, support, and understanding concerning their alcohol or drug addiction alongside receiving the necessary information on finding suitable treatment for their issues statewide. What’s more, there are mental health helplines available for helping with various co-occurring disorders. Every call to a free hotline remains confidential and anonymous, easing your mind when thinking about reaching out for help.4

24-hour Florida helplines offer resources, referrals, and general information regarding the symptoms and signs of the most common SUDs and assistance in locating a rehab facility. They allow you to get in touch with a seasoned and knowledgeable advisor capable of providing the guidance you require and connecting you with other specialists, such as advisors for depression hotlines and counselors for heroin addiction hotlines in Florida.4

What’s more, these operators possess the resources and the knowledge to aptly guide you through the initial stages of your addiction recovery journey and also help you work on other concerns related to your mental health. FInally, you can contact these helplines even if you’re not the one struggling to overcome an addiction but rather someone who’s looking to provide assistance to their friend or family member.4

According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services provided by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, there were 62,427 participants in different rehab and treatment centers across Florida’s 668 facilities. These participants were undergoing the following form of treatment:5

  • Outpatient: 55,212 participants with:
    • 4,257 and 26,764 in intensive and regular treatment.
    • 2,125 in partial hospitalization and regular treatment.
    • 20,520 on naltrexone treatment or buprenorphine/Methadone maintenance and 1,546 in detox.
  • Residential: 5,656 participants with:
    • 3,266 in long-form treatment.
    • 1,604 in short-form treatment.
    • 786 in detox.
  • Inpatient: 1,559 patients with 790 in detox.

Individuals struggling to overcome drug and alcohol abuse amounted to 37,3, while the percentage of individuals diagnosed with a form of co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders was 52,9.5

What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask When Calling a FL Substance Abuse Helpline?

When contacting a Florida addiction service helpline, it’s extremely helpful to be aware of the information necessary for attempting to determine the seriousness of your substance abuse issues and deciding on the best path forward in order to successfully resolve them. An experienced advisor can help you reach valuable conclusions regarding your SUD and help you take the necessary steps if you ask some of the most important questions, which include:6

  • How can I locate free rehab centers in Florida?
  • How can I prepare to enter a rehab facility?
  • Will my insurance coverage pay for my drug or alcohol treatment program?
  • How much does substance abuse treatment in FL usually cost?
  • How can I locate a suitable substance abuse center near me in Florida?
  • What are the available treatment solutions?
  • How long does SUD treatment take in FL?
  • What are the signs that I should enter a rehab facility?

Can I Get in Touch With a Hotline for Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Another Person?

Yes you can. There are numerous reputable toll-free drug and alcohol addiction hotlines available across Florida that can help you better understand what your loved one is going through and assist you in taking the necessary steps in order to help them overcome their addiction. Also, you can inquire about entering a support group for family members of the individual abusing drugs or alcohol.7, 8

What Are the Signs that I Need to Contact a Florida Addiction Helpline?

Experiencing a sense of being overwhelmed by your alcohol and drug abuse and noticing that you’re allocating more and more time to obtaining and using illicit substances while neglecting the more important aspects of your day-to-day life is a clear sign that it might be time to reach out to a professional who can help you understand what you’re going through.6

Calling a FL substance addiction helpline connects you with a compassionate and well-trained advisor capable of truly listening to what you’re going through and helping you find the most suitable solution to your substance abuse problems. Instead of attempting to resolve your problems on your own and without professional guidance, reach out to experts who can guide you through the initial stages of seeking adequate assistance with your SUD.4

Is It Confidential and Free to Call a FL Substance Abuse Hotline?

Yes, all drug and alcohol counseling hotlines available in Florida are confidential and safe for you to contact. You can reach out to a helpline as often as you need to before you’re ready to share any of your personal information with the advocates. They won’t share that information without your consent, but it’s incredibly important to understand that the more information you share with them the better they’ll be able to assist you.9, 10

What Happens After Calling a Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline Number?

Once you decide to reach out to a FL hotline number, you will get in touch with an experienced and educated representative capable of answering your questions, assessing your current situation and guiding you through all the available options for taking the next step in your recovery. They need to ask you a number of questions in order to gain a better understanding of what you’re going through. Sharing required information is entirely your decision, but know that providing detailed and accurate answers to the following questions helps your advisor in guiding you through the ensuing stages of your treatment:6

  • What is your location and age?
  • Are you experiencing a crisis and are endangering your life?
  • How severe is your addiction and how long have you been abusing substances?
  • Are you experiencing any co-occurring mental health problems?
  • Are you motivated to begin your substance abuse treatment?
  • Are you able to provide more information on your loved one’s SUD?
  • Are you willing to disclose insurance and personal information?

Phone Numbers and Resources for FL Addiction Hotlines

If your loved one or yourself require assistance with a substance abuse disorder in Florida, there’s a range of resources available for providing support, referral, and information:11, 12, 13, 14

  • You can use the SAMHSA Locator for Behavioral Health Treatment to look for nearby cognitive behavioral treatment centers in Florida.
  • There are numerous education resources on substance abuse and addiction as well as information on referral and treatment services available at the website of Florida Department of Health’s Substance Abuse.
  • SAMH represents an authority on mental health and substance abuse treatment in FL.
  • NAMI offers numerous resources present on its web page dedicated to Substance Abuse.
  • FADAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing substance abuse in Florida and offering a wide range of available treatment providers as well as anti-drug groups.
  • You can also contact the FL drug and alcohol abuse and addiction helpline number at the Florida Public Health Department Substance Abuse Office at 1-850-487-2920.
  • You can always contact 21 to receive expertise-based crisis counseling, referrals, and other necessary information.
  • CFCHS represents a referral network with the potential for directing you toward organizations offering direct mental health and substance abuse services.

How Do I Locate a Substance Abuse Rehab Facility Near Me in Florida?

In order to find out more about your available options you need to offer the required information to your helpline representative. You also have the option of directly contacting your insurance provider and verifying the extent of your insurance coverage in order to locate suitable in-network inpatient treatment facilities in Florida. Finally, you have the option of reaching out to a rehab center if you require a specialized type of treatment and attaining the necessary information.9

River Oaks Rehab Facility & Recovery First Rehab Facility 

Recovery First Rehab Facility located in Hollywood, Florida and River Oaks Rehab Facility located in Riverview are among the most respected treatment facilities available in FL. They offer amenities such as recreation rooms, gyms, and swimming pools alongside apartment-style inpatient and sober living facilities. What’s more, they feature tranquil meditation areas allowing you to clear your mind and focus all your energy on attaining sobriety.

As the top substance addiction and abuse treatment centers, they provide access to a wide array of tailored treatment solutions, such as nature-based recovery programs, individual counseling sessions personalized to your specific needs and comfortable and safe medical detox procedures. Feel free to contact them and inquire about the extent of your insurance coverage and how you can enter their facility.

Other Rehab Solutions

There are also treatment centers offering specialized addiction and abuse rehab solutions focused on sensitive groups with specific needs and requirements, including:15

What’s more, you can also use above-mentioned locators to find a suitable treatment facility near you that offers the type of rehab you’re looking for, such as short-term residential programs lasting 28 days or long-form treatment options that last 60 days. Finally, you may benefit from locating a 90-day rehab center for prolonged assistance and support.15

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