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Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Abuse Helplines Number in New Jersey

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Mental Health America, New Jersey was one of the states with the lowest number of people struggling with substance abuse disorder (SUD). However, this still means that there are many New Jersey residents who suffer from a substance abuse disorder:1

  • 449,000 (6.52%) of adult participants in the survey reported battling an SUD in the previous year.
  • 23,000 (3.34%) of people aged 12 to 17 reported having an SUD in the previous year.

Because the effects of substance abuse on physical and mental health can be serious and far-reaching for both the individual and the society as a whole, those who are struggling need accessible, quality care. Many of them first embark on their recovery journey by dialing the number of an NJ addiction services hotline. Such helplines provide callers with relevant resources to help them start the recovery process or support loved ones in need. They are typically available at any time of day and night, easy to reach, and free of charge.2

What Are New Jersey Substance Abuse Hotlines?

Drug and alcohol abuse and addiction hotlines in New Jersey are phone numbers anyone can call to seek help for their substance use problem. These phone services assist callers by offering them addiction-related resources, referrals to rehab centers, and helpful information on the signs and effects of substance use disorders.3

If you call an NJ substance abuse hotline number, you will talk to a trained and well-meaning operator. They will listen to you, empathize with your concerns, and give you useful information that you need. For example, they can refer you to treatment professionals and facilities specialized in the problem you are experiencing.3

For individuals struggling with both substance abuse and mental health, it may be helpful to call a depression hotline or another one of the mental health hotlines in New Jersey.3

What to Ask When You Call a New Jersey Addiction Hotline?

If you decide to dial one of the 24/7 hotline numbers for crisis and help, the focus of your conversation with the operator should be your problems with substance use and mental health as well as effective ways to manage them, including the locations of local treatment facilities, the treatment modalities that may help you, and the price and duration of rehab.3

Callers should feel free to ask questions about the types, length, course, and cost of substance use treatment, such as:4

  • How can I be sure that rehab is the best option for me?
  • What type of treatment would suit my situation?
  • What are some local rehab centers that I could contact?
  • How much would substance abuse treatment cost?
  • Can I count on my insurance to cover the cost of treatment?
  • Can I join a treatment program free-of-charge?

Can You Call a New Jersey Drug Treatment Helpline for a Loved One?

Witnessing a loved one’s struggle with a substance use disorder can be deeply worrying and confusing. This is why the friends and family of affected people need adequate guidance. Substance abuse and addiction hotlines are available to everyone willing to call. There are no restrictions in terms of who can use the services of a New Jersey addiction recovery hotline. If someone close to you is having trouble with substance abuse, you can find support, information, and resources by dialing an NJ substance abuse hotline number and disclosing the issue.5 

Should I Call a NJ Drug Addiction Hotline?

Deciding to call a New Jersey addiction recovery hotline and discuss your private matters may seem overwhelming at first. However, addiction hotlines are confidential, anonymous, and you are free to share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing. The operators are trained to listen to callers in a compassionate manner and provide them with the needed help and support.2

If your life is beginning to get affected by your substance use, calling an NJ helpline is likely to be the right choice. For example, you may have noticed that your drinking has started to put a strain on your relationship with friends and family or you may have realized that you experience cravings that are impossible to control.6

For many struggling individuals, contacting a helpline is a simple gateway to entering opiate detox or another level or care. It is the easiest and fastest way to discover treatment options, get referred to specialized drug counseling, access adequate care, and commence the recovery process.2

Do NJ Substance Abuse Hotlines Charge for Their Services?

The access to any alcohol and drug addiction New Jersey hotline is free, so callers do not have to worry about the cost of making such a call. Even if the person is struggling financially, 24/7 addiction help is readily available via telephone. In addition to being free and available to everyone, NJ addiction hotlines are also confidential, so callers can rest assured that their private information will not be shared.7

What to Expect When You Call a NJ Drug Help Hotline?

When a person calls any of the helplines for drug addiction in New Jersey, they have a conversation with a compassionate and helpful helpline representative. The representative asks the caller multiple questions to learn more about their situation and find the best way to help:8

  • Are you currently in the state of emergency or experiencing a life-threatening situation?
  • How old are you and where are you now?
  • How long have you been using alcohol and/or drugs and how much do you use?
  • Are you experiencing any mental health difficulties?
  • Do you wish to enter substance abuse treatment?
  • Do you have health insurance?

While the caller is never pressured to disclose more that they want to, it is advisable to answer these questions in as much detail as possible. This way, the representative can gauge the situation and recommend a tailored solution to the problem.8

What Are Some Drug Addiction Helpline Resources in New Jersey?

People trying to find opioid abuse helpline numbers or other addiction hotlines in New Jersey can begin by reaching out to one of these services:

Where Do I Find an Inpatient Rehab Center in New Jersey?

The easiest way to explore nearby treatment facilities and find an inpatient treatment program that is tailored to your needs is to turn to an NJ mental health and substance abuse hotline. During your phone conversation, you can inquire about the locations of local rehab facilities, the programs they offer, and other details that will help you choose the best rehab for you. There are also online databases where treatment seekers can browse treatment providers in their vicinity and narrow down their options.5 

If you are already familiar with some rehab centers and they appear to be a good option, you can opt to call them directly and talk over the details with their admissions staff. American Addiction Centers, for example, have their very own addiction hotline for alcohol and drug abuse. If you are a resident of New Jersey or if you’d consider traveling to a luxury NJ treatment facility, they will likely refer you to AAC’s Sunrise House Treatment Center.

Sunrise House

This rehab center is located in Lafayette Township, New Jersey and it provides patient-specific treatment options and a complete range of treatment services, which includes medically supervised detox that ensures the patient’s safety as well as tailored rehab plans, which can vary in duration from about 30 days to more long-term programs such as 60-day inpatient rehab stays and high-intensity 90-day treatment options. The amenities at the facility meet the highest standards, including private rooms for those who want full discretion. The professionals at the center employ different treatment modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, to meet the patients’ needs.

Depending on a person’s specific needs, at the comfortable facilities of American Addiction Centers they could enter a specialized program designed with their particular concerns in mind, such as:

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