Ads Bring Humor to the Darkness of Gambling Addiction

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I start most mornings by browsing news headlines to catch up on what is happening in my area, across the country, and lastly, in the addiction world.

Most addiction news stories these days are pretty glum, but every so often I come across something a bit more light hearted.

This morning I stumbled on a press release for a new ad campaign in Ohio that uses humor to tackle problem gambling in the area.

The campaign, and accompanying website, I Lost A Bet, show that problem gambling is a serious issue with very real consequences.

“It’s the applesauce with the medicine” -Sandi Lesko Mounts, the lottery’s marketing director

The $1.5 million campaign is comprised of 4 videos, each showing a person in the middle of an embarrassing act, being performed because they lost a bet.


Each video is followed by a serious message from an actual gambling addict, in hopes to balance out the humor that draws viewers in from the start.

Aside from the videos, the site has a wonderful info-graphic on the most common signs of gambling addiction:


The campaign is under the umbrella of Ohio for Responsible Gambling, a collaboration involving the Lottery Commission, the Casino Control Commission, the Racing Commission and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

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Visit to see the full campaign.  Bothe images and the embedded video originally appeared on the website

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