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NV Gaming Board Regulates Gambling while Under the Influence of Drugs

When it comes to casino regulations regarding the use of substances among customers, the Nevada Gaming Commission’s policy is a living document that is constantly under review. Most recently, their focus for change was the standard for disciplinary action for casino customers who are under the influence of drugs. Previously, the rule had been only […]

Nevada Gaming Commission Maintains Anti-Marijuana Legalization Stance

The residents of Nevada may have voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last November, but the Nevada Gaming Commission isn’t having any of it. They have been explicitly against the vote since the beginning and made it clear that they in no way support casinos allowing for or providing marijuana to their customers. […]

Las Vegas Gambler Busted for $3 Million Online Drug Business

Christopher Holloway is from Raglan, Monmouthshire, in Wales, a town popular among tourists for the ruins of its 15th century Raglan castle and Clearwell Caves. Holloway, however, was more interested in the tourist spots here in Las Vegas. A frequent visitor, Holloway was known for being a high roller with big bets and big money […]

The Lie-Bet Gambling Screen

Lie/Bet Tool to Rule Out Pathological Gambling The following instrument can be used in settings where clinicians or loved ones have limited time and are required to collect a great deal of information from a potential gambling addict.  A two-question survey will hopefully be met with less resistance and will establish a “foot hold” within […]

Ads Bring Humor to the Darkness of Gambling Addiction

I start most mornings by browsing news headlines to catch up on what is happening in my area, across the country, and lastly, in the addiction world. Most addiction news stories these days are pretty glum, but every so often I come across something a bit more light hearted. This morning I stumbled on a […]