Household Intoxication: Vanilla Extract

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Vanilla Extract should be bought at a liquor Store, if you really know what’s inside it. Pure vanilla extract contains a minimum of 30% ethanol and can go up to 40% which is around the ballpark of a proof-70 spirit which is similar to Vodka or a Jagermeister. An ordinary adult that drinks alcohol responsibly will not be tempted to drink this substance because of its very intense taste. The ones who are in the immediate danger of getting drunk with this liquid are the naive teenagers looking for cracks on the law regarding teenage intoxication, trying to get drunk or high using legal means. Pure Vanilla Extract is a viable substance to abuse because it is readily available in supermarkets which anyone can buy and in great amounts.

If you could get past the very intense taste, a minor could get drunk legally using vanilla extract. And because when you drink vanilla extract, you would only smell of yummy vanilla, thus removing the scent of alcohol if you are trying to hide the fact that you are drinking.

In New York, a woman was charged with DWI when she was found driving around a Walmart Parkinglot on Jan 5. 2015. The 46-year-old woman Carolyn Kesel took a breathalyzer exam and resulted with a .26% BAC which is triple the legal blood alcohol limit and was arrested on the spot.

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There are a lot of ways that someone could get intoxicated with everyday items, using vanilla extract is one method. And because of cracks and loopholes in the law, these household items can be bought by anyone. As for parents, it is invaluable to keep tabs on what items in your home that could cause your someone in your family to get high, or drunk; specially teenagers who are in a hurry to try things.

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