If Marlboro Started Selling Marijuana Cigarettes, What Will Be the Consequences?

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There is a satirical article on the net which states that Phillip Morris is creating marijuana cigarettes. Some of the user comments did not realize that this was a fake article. So I ask the question, what if this were true? Would this be a good or bad thing.

Well, like many concepts it all depends on your perspective.

Phillip Morris is owned by a larger company named Altria. Altria also produces Wines, Cigars, and E-Cigarettes, under different company names. From 2010 to 2014, Altria delivered total shareholder return of 230 percent, which far outperformed the S&P 500. The company site is full of buzz words such as Environmentally Friendly, Harm Reduction, Pro-Police, supports stopping illicit trade and job creation. All indications heavily favor that this satirical article might someday be real.

Meet Big Marijuana?

Will having a corporation distribute marijuana cigarettes increase or decrease weed use? If you Google “will legal sales of weed increase or decrease use” you will get dozens of studies indicating that weed use will not be affected by legal availability. But all these studies are from pro-legalization groups. On the other end, the anti-week groups state everyone will smoke week if marijuana is legal. The truth has to be in the middle, but is rarely vocalized. If anything, governmental regulation of sales might decrease use, because of regulations – similar to what is now placed on cigarettes.

Unemployed Weed Dealers?

Will legal marijuana cigarette sales increase the sale of other drugs? For instance, if one cannot get strong weed, and illegal weed dealers cannot sell their product because of low profits, will the dealers start pushing harder drugs to their regular weed customers? Weed only dealers are not just going to quit dealing and get 9 to 5 jobs, because they cannot sell weed at a profit – they will have to sell other drugs. So maybe in a round about way, legal sales of weed cigarettes will increase other illegal drug sales?

The sales of marijuana cigarettes can have unintended consequences, both good and bad. More money for certain people for sure, like government and corporations. Weed only dealers will have to expand their product line to compete with lower prices. Maybe new drug users, still trying to find their main drug will not find weed attractive anymore – because anyone can get it. And still, those who would not take drugs in the first place will still not touch week, legal or not.

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