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NV Gaming Board Regulates Gambling while Under the Influence of Drugs

When it comes to casino regulations regarding the use of substances among customers, the Nevada Gaming Commission’s policy is a living document that is constantly under review. Most recently, their focus for change was the standard for disciplinary action for casino customers who are under the influence of drugs. Previously, the rule had been only […]

Should Las Vegas Be the Next ‘Pot Sanctuary’ City?

Berkeley, California, recently declared themselves a “pot sanctuary city,” a riff off the fact that neighboring San Francisco has self-declared as a sanctuary city for immigrants. That is, the Berkeley City Council passed a measure stating that they will not assist in the prosecution of those who use marijuana legally and in so doing sent […]

Dump before You Fly: Amnesty Boxes Now in Las Vegas Airport

For tourists who wake up in a blur and rush to the airport without checking their pockets, there is a last minute dump stop available to them in the form of so-called “amnesty boxes” at the Las Vegas airport. Because marijuana is legal for recreational use in Nevada but not in most other states in […]

About Half of NV State Marijuana Testing Labs Have Been Shut Down: Why?

In the past five months, almost half of all labs in the state of Nevada responsible for testing marijuana have had their licenses suspended by the Nevada Tax Department. There are nine labs responsible for marijuana testing in Nevada, and four of them have lost their licenses since the Nevada Tax Department took over marijuana […]

Is Illegal Marijuana Still a Problem in Nevada after Recreational Legalization?

As Nevadans adjust to the legal sale of recreational marijuana as the norm, many are looking to see what changes, if any, are developing as a result. Groups and politicians that were working for the legalization of the drug claimed that tax income would go up and crime rates would go down. Though it has […]