NV Bar Patron Found with Cocaine, $17K in Cash

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Under the influence of a controlled substance, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger, possession of a narcotic, and threatening to commit a crime – these are just a few of the charges levied against a man in Nevada City. Employees of a local bar allegedly confronted the man when they believed he was engaging in some kind of drug-related activity, at which point he threw what they believed to be cocaine at them. They told Nevada City law enforcement that they then escorted him out of the bar, where he pulled a knife on them and threatened them with the weapon, and then fled the premises.

When police responded to the call for assistance from the bar, they found the man walking down the road. He agreed to be searched, and police found more than 2 grams of what they believe to be cocaine and $17,000 in cash, mostly in $20 and $100 bills.

Police Chief Tim Foley is with Nevada City Sheriff’s Department. He said: “The cocaine trade is active, but we’re making a dent, I hope.”

NV Bar Patron Found with Cocaine, $17K in Cash

Because opiates are very often the cause of drug overdose deaths, and rates of drug overdose are on a steep climb in Nevada and across the state, the media rarely focuses on the threats that come with use and abuse of other drugs like cocaine. Highly addictive and easily accessible, cocaine is heavily trafficked across the state. Recently, Nevada authorities made what is being called the biggest cocaine bust in the state’s long history of heavy cocaine use, seizing 452 pounds of the substance at a traffic stop.

Frequently, the drug is part of devastating stories chronicling overdose and loss of life. From celebrities to tourists on vacations to local residents, the tales can be grim. The best that families who are living with a loved one in the throes of cocaine addiction can do is connect them with treatment that can help.

Recreation or Addiction?

For many, the problem with identifying a cocaine problem in its early stages is with the reputation the drug has for being a recreational substance. Used at parties and by people who want to stay up all night and keep drinking, it is not usually seen as the focus of the night.

Unfortunately, the fact that the drug is so often combined with other substances, including alcohol, is a big part of the problem. For example, when cocaine and alcohol are ingested at the same time, the two substances form cocaethylene, a toxin that is produced in the liver as the body attempts to process out the alcohol and cocaine. In addition to the negative effects of alcohol and cocaine individually, this third substance contributes to sudden death and heart problems as well as increases the risk of developing liver damage or having a stroke, even years after use.

Even so-called “recreational” use of the drug can add up to serious health problems, including life-threatening acute medical issues, making every use a risk.

Does your insurance cover treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction?

Check your insurance coverage or text us your questions to learn more about treatment by American Addiction Centers (AAC).

When Is It Time for Treatment?

There is no set length of time, amount of use, or set of changes associated with any drug use that indicates that treatment is necessary across the board. Essentially, when people begin to experience negative consequences as a result of their use of cocaine, it is time to step back and consider what needs to happen to reverse or stop those consequences from continuing. For example, health problems, financial issues, and relationship difficulties are all common for people who use cocaine frequently. If it is impossible for the individual to stop use of the drug in order to mend those issues, it is a sign that treatment is needed. Continued use will only worsen those difficulties, so, it is time to connect with a treatment program that can make a real difference.

What Is the Right Move for Your Family?

Each person’s needs are unique, and if you believe that your loved one needs help managing a cocaine problem, there is a range of treatment solutions available. Take the time to learn more about services and resources that are available and speak to a professional to assist you in the process of choosing the path forward that will best serve you, your loved one in crisis, and your entire family.