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10 Ways to Save Money in Early Recovery

In early recovery, how best to manage meager – or nonexistent – finances is a major concern. It’s tough to come up with money when you are straight out of active addiction, but the good news is that there are a number of simple ways to save money as you start to move toward the […]

Deadly Marketing: Is Overdose the New Sales Pitch?

In the past year, more and more frequently, fentanyl has been the cause of the steadily rising number of drug overdoses in Nevada and across the country. Often, people start out using prescription painkillers, and then when they can no longer afford the pills or get enough of them to maintain their addiction, they turn […]

NV Bar Patron Found with Cocaine, $17K in Cash

Under the influence of a controlled substance, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger, possession of a narcotic, and threatening to commit a crime – these are just a few of the charges levied against a man in Nevada City. Employees of a local bar allegedly confronted the man when they believed he was engaging in […]

Drug Deal Gone Bad Results in Shooting in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, at the 200 Block of East Tropicana Avenue, a shooting occurred leaving a man with a shoulder wound. Lieutenant Carlos Hank with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was on the scene. He said: “It appears to be a drug deal gone bad.” The shooting suspect is still at large, but the […]

Las Vegas Man Arrested on 19 Felony Charges for Cashing Heroin Dealer’s Fraudulent Checks

A man was caught this month at a local casino trying to cash forged checks worth more than $4,000. According to his arrest report, he told police officers that he moved to Las Vegas in the last year and that he is struggling with a heroin addiction, which motivated his choices. He also said that […]