The Most Expensive Illegal Drug in the World

As we all know and heard from different media, people, and organizations, drug addiction will always ruin your life. It ruins your physical and mental health, your personal relationships, your social standing, your reputation, and bank account. The financial cost of supporting this habit is mindbogglingly expensive and very overwhelming to the average working class person. Drugs are expensive enough to ever so often use it, but if you get hooked and use it religiously, you can say goodbye to your car, tv, and mobile phone among other things.

And if you become dependent, and take it just to feel normal, pack up the rest of your stuff because you probably will be living in the streets. This happens when you get used to using any drug, what will happen if you use the most expensive ones like cocaine? You would see yourself burning through all that cash and you can’t do anything about it because you are stuck in a very dangerous and financially draining loop.

Which One is the Most Expensive?

The answer is LSD. Yes, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is the most expensive illegal drug per gram in the world as of 2014.

How Expensive is LSD?

The price of illegal substances vary from different places with different supply and demand, in the United States, the typical hit of LSD is 50-100 micrograms which ranges from $1-$20. That is not as expensive as cocaine which is $20-$25 per half gram which is usually the smallest amount you can buy. But that is half a gram, and LSD is sold in micrograms. In the black market, a single gram of crystal form LSD is around $3000 depending of purity. One gram of it is enough to make 10,000 units of 100mcg hits. Using that conversion, A gram of street price LSD would cost up to $200,000.

In any case, LSD is a very large hole in your pocket if you become dependent of it.

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