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What Is Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is when prescription medicines are combined with counseling and behavioral therapies to treat substance use disorders (SUDs).1,2 MAT is an evidence-based treatment approach that is effective for treating both alcohol and opioid use disorders.2,4 MAT helps people stay in treatment, maintain recovery, and reduce cravings and opioid overdose risk.1 Who Is Medication-Assisted […]

Couples Rehab in Las Vegas Nevada

Behavioral Couples Therapy can be an effective treatment option for married or cohabitating couples with substance use disorders (SUDs). Couples therapy is designed to provide treatment for alcohol or drug abuse to both people in a relationship simultaneously in order to create a supportive environment for each person in the process of recovery.1The purpose of […]

Types of Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

Like many other serious health conditions, substance use disorders (SUDs) are typically chronic, and sometimes progressive, meaning that earlier treatment as well as long-term recovery solutions are needed.1 Behavioral therapies are the most common form of SUD treatment.1 Across the state of Nevada, there are 109 substance use treatment centers that offer a range of […]

Bringing Medication into a Sober Living Home

Modern sober living homes allow residents to live in a drug-free environment, practice behavioral changes they made in rehabilitation, and have greater personal freedom to attend work, school, or social functions. However, sober living homes are not medical facilities, and they do not provide medical services like doctors’ visits, therapy appointments, and medication dispensation. Many […]

Pharmacogenetics and the Race to Cure Drug Addiction

It is no secret among those who have long worked to help people overcome addiction that the key to treatment is an individualized treatment plan. Because each person faces a unique set of challenges due to a unique set of circumstances and experience, finding directed treatments and therapies that speak specifically to the person’s needs […]