The Lie-Bet Gambling Screen

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gamblingLie/Bet Tool to Rule Out Pathological Gambling

The following instrument can be used in settings where clinicians or loved ones have limited time and are required to collect a great deal of information from a potential gambling addict.  A two-question survey will hopefully be met with less resistance and will establish a “foot hold” within the intake process.

The Lie-Bet tool (Johnson et al., 1988) has been deemed valid and reliable for ruling out pathological gambling behaviors. The Lie-Bet’s two questions consistently differentiate between pathological gambling and non-problem-gambling and are useful in screening to determine whether a longer tool (e.g., SOGS, DSM-IV) should be used in diagnostics.

Lie-Bet Screening Instrument

1) Have you ever felt the need to bet more and more money?
2) Have you ever had to lie to people important to you about how much you gambled?

Answering “Yes” to one or both questions strongly indicates that a professional addiction assessment is necessary.

Responding “No” to both questions indicates no referral or follow-up.

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