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Alcohol Addiction

Antisocial Personality Disorder and Addiction

According to the book Essentials of Personality Disorders, a personality disorder represents a type of psychological disorder where the person has repeatedly displayed a very rigid and mostly dysfunctional manner of behaving, functioning, and thinking about others and themselves. Someone who is diagnosed with a personality disorder will typically experience significant difficulties in their personal […]

How Long Should You Stay in a Sober Living Home?

The National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) is a nonprofit organization that was found in 2011 and set national standards for halfway houses, three-quarter houses, sober living homes, etc. In addition, NARR now refers to all of these different facilities under the term recovery residences. Recovery residences, such as sober living homes, are not themselves […]

Can You Bring Your Pets to Treatment?

Addiction treatment is not an easy process. It’s typically a challenging and uncomfortable journey that can involve a lot of discomfort, both physical and emotional. It requires taking a good hard look at oneself to discover the roots of what led to substance abuse. Withdrawal itself can be incredibly trying. However, the end result of […]

Should I Travel for Rehab?

Understanding your options for rehab is important when you are considering getting help for a substance abuse problem. Navigating the world of substance abuse treatment can feel overwhelming and confusing at times. You are probably asking yourself many questions such as, “should I travel for rehab?” or “am I able to attend a rehab out […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

One of the most interesting and illuminating aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is its history. This therapy, which is considered to be a version of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, was developed specifically for people with borderline personality disorder (usually including suicidal thoughts and prior attempts as main symptoms). Dr. Marsha Linehan, the therapist who developed […]