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How Ambien Affects Your Body & Mind

Ambien is a medication that treats insomnia and is prescribed around 12 million times a year in the United States.1 While Ambien is taken by many people, it is not without its dangers. In fact, Ambien is associated with around 64,000 emergency room visits per year due to overmedication and adverse reactions.2  In addition, many people […]

Ambien Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

Ambien is a prescription medication designed to help people with insomnia sleep better. When a person becomes physically dependent on Ambien and tries to stop using it, they may often experience withdrawal symptoms. This page will help you to understand the withdrawal symptoms associated with Ambien and how long they last. In addition, this page […]

Dangers of Ambien Addiction

Although Ambien is a commonly prescribed drug, it is also a drug that is misused. The statistics on Ambien use are hard to know for certain, but benzodiazepines, which are similar in composition to Ambien, are abused by around 5.4 million people per year. 1 In Nevada, benzodiazepines make up approximately 26% of all prescribed […]