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Nevada Lawmakers Sue Purdue Pharma over Opiate Overdose Deaths

Nevada recently filed suit against Purdue Pharma, a drug company they blame for a large part of the opioid epidemic across the state and across the country – and they are not the only one. More and more states and cities are filing class action suits or filing separately and suing drug manufacturers for what […]

Does Governor Sandoval Support Trump in Giving Drug Dealers the Death Penalty?

Trump recently got into specifics when discussing his plan for addressing the opioid epidemic that is killing tens of thousands of Americans every year. He promised to make changes that would give us a drug-free generation of children – changes that included prevention efforts, law enforcement, and imposing the death penalty on drug dealers. In […]

Las Vegas Homes, Property Seized in Phantom Secure Drug Bust

Encrypted phones and other electronic devices have increasingly been a mainstay for drug dealers, drug traffickers, and drug cartels, allowing them to communicate about drops, exchanges, money matters, and more without detection. It’s long been a problem that has stumped law enforcement, including interrupting their ability to successfully prosecute in a case of two killings […]

3 Young People Arrested in Reno for Drug-Related Charges

Three young adults were arrested in Reno this month on an assortment of drug-related charges. Ranging in age from 19 to 26, the three people were apprehended by the Nevada Department of Safety’s Tri-NET Narcotics Task Force in conjunction with the Regional Street Enforcement Team. In the course of the investigation, law enforcement seized substances […]

Is Illegal Marijuana Still a Problem in Nevada after Recreational Legalization?

As Nevadans adjust to the legal sale of recreational marijuana as the norm, many are looking to see what changes, if any, are developing as a result. Groups and politicians that were working for the legalization of the drug claimed that tax income would go up and crime rates would go down. Though it has […]