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Are Pregnant Women in Nevada Smoking Marijuana?

Across the country, rates of babies born addicted to opiate drugs have climbed along with the rates of opioid overdose deaths and addiction. While this issue has long been in focus for medical professionals in Nevada, the legalization of marijuana has had a startling and perhaps unexpected ripple effect that could impact our culture for […]

Are Rates of Alcohol-Related Deaths among Women in Nevada on the Rise?

Middle-aged white women across the United States are struggling with heavy drinking and associated alcohol-related disease at higher rates, according to data analyzed by the Washington Post, and Nevada has not been exempt from this trend. This increased rate of alcohol ingestion and resulting disease has created a hike in rates of deaths caused by […]

NV Woman Pleads Guilty to Cross Country Meth Trafficking

A woman from Nevada has been charged for her part in trafficking meth from West Virginia to California. Kelly Newcomb, 56, pled guilty to interstate travel in furtherance of a drug crime, telling authorities that she rented a car in Las Vegas and drove her codefendant to California. There, 10 pounds of crystal meth were […]