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Henderson Police Now Carry Naloxone

Naloxone, also sold under the brand name Narcan, is a drug known for its ability to stop an opiate overdose in its tracks, saving lives in record time – as long as it is administered in time. Because first responders are very often the first to arrive on the scene when an overdose is called […]

Naloxone Offers a Reprieve, Not a Cure

It’s a medication that has been called a miracle, the only medication of its kind to successfully subvert an overdose in progress. Naloxone or Narcan can be administered via injection or as a nasal spray, and it is very easy to use. Though those who need it will generally be unable to give it to […]

Should Naloxone Be Available without a Prescription in NV?

Currently, people in Nevada who would like to have naloxone nearby in the event that a friend or loved one overdoses on an opiate drug must first get a prescription before heading to the pharmacy. A bill that is in front of the Nevada State Senate has proposed removing the need for a prescription – […]

Naloxone Available to Nevada Residents without Prescription at CVS Pharmacies

In every CVS Pharmacy location across the state of Nevada, naloxone will now be available to patrons – no prescription required. This is a great step in helping to make sure that families who have loved ones struggling with addiction will have access to this potentially life-saving medication. Tom Davis, RPh, is the Vice President […]

Naloxone Now Available in Grass Valley Pharmacy

In Grass Valley, a Kmart pharmacy will now make naloxone available to any and all interested consumers without a prescription. Why does this matter? Naloxone is a drug known for its ability to stop the effects of an opiate overdose almost instantly. If someone has taken too much heroin or too many painkillers and an […]