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Should Las Vegas Be the Next ‘Pot Sanctuary’ City?

Berkeley, California, recently declared themselves a “pot sanctuary city,” a riff off the fact that neighboring San Francisco has self-declared as a sanctuary city for immigrants. That is, the Berkeley City Council passed a measure stating that they will not assist in the prosecution of those who use marijuana legally and in so doing sent […]

DUIs, Ignition Locks, and the Nevada Senate: What’s Next?

For decades, public service announcements have educated the public and increased awareness of the dangers associated with drinking almost any amount of alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Even having a drink or two before driving can impair driving ability, causing deadly or life-altering accidents as a result. Though rates of drunk driving have significantly […]

Different Types of Intervention

Most people may be familiar with the term intervention because of the hit reality television series that focused on helping loved ones overcome addictive or self-destructive behaviors. While the show itself introduced an important concept, there is a lot more to helping loved ones or larger communities through intervention techniques. In the broadest sense, an […]

Tips for Finding an Interventionist

When making the decision to seek out professional help for a loved one’s addiction or abuse, you might not know where to begin. As much as you try to talk and plead with your loved one to end their addiction, your efforts might not be producing the results you desire. At some point, you may […]

Writing a Sample Intervention Letter

An intervention letter is a good way for family members who are far away or who may not feel comfortable taking part in an addiction intervention in person to play a positive role from a distance. They can share their concerns, offer their emotional support, and talk about the hope that awaits with treatment. Additionally, […]