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The Two Types Of Denial When Dealing With Addiction

Experts in the addiction and rehab field in Nevada have identified the two types of denial most associated with addiction. Type A Denial and Type B Denial. Type A Denial is when you see that you have an addiction problem and recognize that it is a problem based upon evidence. But when someone confronts you […]

The 11 Steps Of Relapse

Relapse is a state where you think that going back to your old life of addiction is a reasonable choice. It is a process in your recovery where a chain reaction happens, which over time sends you back to using. By the time multiple problems have accumulated, you revert back to old habits. To prevent […]

Types of Denial

We receive countless calls and emails from friends and loved ones who are worried that addiction is taking over. One of the first steps to addressing addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, food or gambling, is to have a firm understanding of behavior. You know their behavior better than anyone. How has their character or behavior […]