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Should You Hire a Drug Dog? More Nevada Families Are

If hiring a drug dog seems extreme when it comes to determining whether or not someone you love is using or abusing marijuana, you may be increasingly in the minority in Nevada. More and more often, Nevada parents are hiring drug dogs to help them determine their teen’s use of marijuana and other substances, finding […]

Marijuana at Work and Play in Las Vegas: What Changes Are on the Horizon?

On election day, Nevada residents voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use, making it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to have in their possession up to an ounce of marijuana or one-eighth of an ounce of a marijuana concentrate. Many in Nevada are wondering exactly what changes are to come due to […]

9-Year-Old Las Vegas Girl Dies of Painkiller Overdose

A little girl who was injured and also had pneumonia was given the prescription painkillers oxycodone and hydrocodone by her mother and aunt. She died due to lethal levels of these substances in her body, and both women are being charged with murder for giving the 9 year old these drugs. Though she died in […]

Identifying Drug Paraphernalia

  As a parent, its scary to think about your kid being addicted to something dangerous. You constantly watch over them, monitor what they are eating, the amount of food intake, their mood swings, their hygiene, the way they dress-up, etc. How would you know if someone is using drugs? A good way is to […]

The Lost Child

We are continually writing new posts in hopes of helping families and loved ones better understand addiction and its effect on their lives. One of the simplest and most fundamental elements to understand is that the active addict is not the only one participating in the addiction. Friends, family members and loved ones all may […]