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Ready to Eat Healthy in Recovery? 12 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier Today

With the weather warming up, you may be tempted to ditch your 12-Step meetings or appointments with your doctor or recovery coach and head outside instead, but now more than ever, it is time to set yourself up for success in sobriety. With summer right around the corner, you want to make sure you have […]

Working Out in Recovery? Top 10 Not-So-Fun Things to Prepare For

You’ll feel better, drop a few pounds, sleep better at night, and improve your overall health and wellness – including your ability to stay sober – when you work out regularly. All of this is true. But if you are new to regular exercise, we should probably give you a heads up about some of […]

First Things First: 7 Morning Habits for Success in Recovery

A number of studies have been done, both formally and informally, to investigate the habits of people who are successful. Here, the term successful means “living a life of contentment, balance, and purpose in recovery.” Below are seven things that successful people do that will help you to manifest for yourself the life that you […]

Can Yoga Help During Recovery?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that one in 10 Americans, ages 12 and older, struggles with an addiction. This condition is understood as a chronic illness of the brain, involving a complex relationship between genetics, family history, environment, and mental health. For many people, addiction is triggered when the person struggles with a […]

Do Affirmations Work? Here Are 50 of Them to Help You Find out for Yourself

As we look for holistic ways to address our physical, emotional, and spiritual health in recovery, it is a wonderful thing when we find something that is not only effective but also inexpensive and easy to do. Repeating affirmations definitely falls into that category. It only takes a few seconds, you can do it anywhere […]