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Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal – Symptoms, Timeline & Treatment Programs in Nevada

As a result of higher-than-average alcohol use per person in the state of Nevada, detoxification and alcohol addiction treatment options are available in over 100 substance abuse facilities in the state. As many as 94.5% of Nevada’s substance abuse facilities offer comprehensive assessment and diagnosis, and substance abuse detoxification is provided in 28 outpatient, 11 […]

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, people won’t absorb alcohol faster if they try to “sleep it off” or drink more water or coffee. This is because the human body has a specific mechanism of processing alcohol that is similar for most individuals. On the other hand, every person reacts differently to alcohol intoxication and the amount […]

Alcohol Detox in Las Vegas, Nevada

Alcohol misuse can harm your physical and mental health and have a negative impact on your entire life. Misusing alcohol can lead to dependence, a physical condition where you need to drink to prevent withdrawal symptoms, and alcohol use disorder (AUD), the diagnosis for alcohol addiction.1 The term “alcohol misuse” can refer to binge drinking […]