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American Beverage Institute Targets Utah DUI Bill in Nevada

At the end of next year, Utah is slated to drop their legal driving limit from 0.08 percent blood alcohol content to 0.05 percent. While many experts across the country have long said that this was a move supported by research and suggested for optimum safety for innocent people on the roads, many view this […]

Drug Theft Turns Fatal in Las Vegas

Early this month, a man died when two men entered his home with the goal of stealing his stash of heroin and cash. Thomas Frank Jones V was 35. His girlfriend and roommate were home with him, and though both attempted to help him fight off the two men who entered the house, the struggle […]

NV Woman Pleads Guilty to Cross Country Meth Trafficking

A woman from Nevada has been charged for her part in trafficking meth from West Virginia to California. Kelly Newcomb, 56, pled guilty to interstate travel in furtherance of a drug crime, telling authorities that she rented a car in Las Vegas and drove her codefendant to California. There, 10 pounds of crystal meth were […]

Las Vegas Man Arrested on 19 Felony Charges for Cashing Heroin Dealer’s Fraudulent Checks

A man was caught this month at a local casino trying to cash forged checks worth more than $4,000. According to his arrest report, he told police officers that he moved to Las Vegas in the last year and that he is struggling with a heroin addiction, which motivated his choices. He also said that […]