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Alcohol Addiction

Do People Simply Outgrow Their Addictions?

I read an interesting piece this week on the Pacific Standard stating that most people just grow out of their addictions. Maia Szalavitz argues that once the prefrontal cortex reaches maturity, usually in the mid 20’s, many people simply stop using drugs and alcohol. This part of the brain is responsible for self-restraint and good […]

Why Chugging a Fifth of Jack is a Bad Idea

First, let’s get one thing straight: this does not just apply to Jack Daniels, chugging a fifth of any alcohol is a terrible idea. People have been chugging alcohol since alcohol has existed, it’s a very human thing to do. Not the chugging, but the idea of pushing things to the limits. We can’t just […]

Functional vs Dysfunctional Families

I spend a lot of time here talking about the bigger picture of addiction. Not just the addict, but the great environment. I talk about the emotions, the feelings, signs, symptoms, how addiction effects not just the addict, but the entire family and friend circle. One important step in the recovery process is understanding some […]

Addiction and Distorted Thinking

One element of addiction that keeps many people from seeking treatment is the secretive nature of drug and alcohol abuse and the inherent secrecy of a users behavior and emotions. To help get to the bottom of some basic questions and concerns that many families and loved ones have about addiction, from time to time […]

Types of Denial

We receive countless calls and emails from friends and loved ones who are worried that addiction is taking over. One of the first steps to addressing addiction, be it alcohol, drugs, food or gambling, is to have a firm understanding of behavior. You know their behavior better than anyone. How has their character or behavior […]