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Alcohol Addiction

Alternatives to Alcoholic Anonymous 12-Step Programs

Alcoholics Anonymous are not the only support group in existence in the United States. In fact, there are numerous alternatives to AA and their 12-step program that are gaining popularity across the nation due to the different way they approach addiction treatment counseling. Although the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous program has existed for many years and […]

The 5 Types of Alcoholics

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by an impaired ability to control one’s drinking. Individuals with AUD continue to drink despite negative consequences, such as job loss, relationship problems, and financial difficulties. Some individuals suffering from AUD develop a physical dependence on alcohol as well, meaning they need to drink […]

Alcoholism Symptoms, Signs, and Warnings

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a medical condition that manifests as difficulty or inability to stop or control alcohol use, despite its adverse effects on social, occupational, physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Left untreated, AUD can lead to a host of health problems and, in the most severe cases, even death.1 However, despite […]

Alcohol Overdose – Signs, Risks and Treatment Programs in Nevada

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a chronic mental health condition in which an individual has difficulty controlling their consumption of alcohol and will often drink more than they intend to. This is a chronic condition and can be very dangerous if left untreated. AUD can manifest in a variety of ways, such as through physical, […]

Alcohol Recovery Programs in Nevada

Excessive drinking is a widespread problem across the US due to the legal status and availability of alcohol. Social drinking has been normalized to the extent that recognizing problematic alcohol use can often present quite a challenge. This is why many people who engage in binge drinking or frequently drink excessive amounts of alcohol might […]