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Drug Addiction

Tramadol Addiction and Treatment

In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services declared the opioid crisis in the United States a public health emergency due to the number of opioid-related deaths that year, which was greater than 47,000.1 At its peak, doctors wrote 255 million opioid prescriptions per year, 81.3 per 100 people. But 2020 saw the lowest […]

Hydromorphone Addiction and Treatment

Hydromorphone addiction and misuse can be very dangerous to your health and wellbeing. If you or someone you care about are struggling with hydromorphone abuse, you should know that you’re not alone. The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reports that 3.3% of Americans (9.3 million) aged 12 and older misused prescription […]

Drug or Alcohol Rehab for Seniors in Las Vegas, NV

Anybody who takes illicit drugs, drinks alcohol, or is prescribed certain prescription medications is potentially vulnerable to addiction. And as we age, we may experience social and physical changes that may increase our vulnerability to substance misuse. As we age, the body begins to change, health concerns may become a larger factor in our daily […]

Morphine Addiction and Treatment

Morphine is a prescription opioid, used to treat moderate to severe pain, such a surgical or cancer related pain.3 But like other opioids, morphine can be addictive and is commonly misused. In the United States in 2020, 9.3 million people aged 12 and older misused prescription pain medicines, including morphine. This works out to about […]

Oxycodone Addiction and Misuse

Oxycodone is the second most misused prescription opioid in the United States.1 According to a 2020 survey, among Americans aged 12 and older:1,2 2 million (1.1%) misused oxycodone. 3 million (3.3%) misused prescription pain medicines. In Nevada, prescription opioid misuse is slightly higher than the national average. Between 2018 and 2019, 3.87% of Nevadans aged […]