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VA Spouse Medical Benefits: Coverage for Rehab and Therapy Treatment

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a federal body dedicated to providing quality care to veterans. One issue the VA has been increasingly focusing on is the high rate of substance abuse among veterans. In fact, studies have shown that veterans are more likely than the general public to suffer from substance abuse disorders […]

Drug or Alcohol Rehab for Seniors in Las Vegas, NV

Anybody who takes illicit drugs, drinks alcohol, or is prescribed certain prescription medications is potentially vulnerable to addiction. And as we age, we may experience social and physical changes that may increase our vulnerability to substance misuse. As we age, the body begins to change, health concerns may become a larger factor in our daily […]

Couples Rehab in Las Vegas Nevada

Behavioral Couples Therapy can be an effective treatment option for married or cohabitating couples with substance use disorders (SUDs). Couples therapy is designed to provide treatment for alcohol or drug abuse to both people in a relationship simultaneously in order to create a supportive environment for each person in the process of recovery.1The purpose of […]

Helping a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

When you want to help a friend or loved one struggling with addiction, you might not know exactly what to do or say. It’s not always easy to know the difference between helping, enabling, and forcing someone to do something they may not be ready to do. The fact is, your loved one has the […]

Paiute Tribe Works with Police to Combat Drug Trafficking Ahead of Burning Man

Whatever their opinion of Burning Man, a festival that takes place in the desert of Nevada every year, the Pyramid Lake Paiute tribe is working together with law enforcement to minimize abuse of drugs by travelers en route to the festival. Traffic stops are increasing along all routes to Burning Man. While those who run […]