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Should Las Vegas Be the Next ‘Pot Sanctuary’ City?

Berkeley, California, recently declared themselves a “pot sanctuary city,” a riff off the fact that neighboring San Francisco has self-declared as a sanctuary city for immigrants. That is, the Berkeley City Council passed a measure stating that they will not assist in the prosecution of those who use marijuana legally and in so doing sent […]

How to Love the Present Moment during the Holidays in Recovery

It is easy to get caught up in the holiday season. Nostalgia and the focus on beautiful family moments can trigger feelings of loneliness and regret if you are not able to be with your family this season. Many spend time thinking about the past – lamenting both the good times and the bad – […]

Should You Hire a Drug Dog? More Nevada Families Are

If hiring a drug dog seems extreme when it comes to determining whether or not someone you love is using or abusing marijuana, you may be increasingly in the minority in Nevada. More and more often, Nevada parents are hiring drug dogs to help them determine their teen’s use of marijuana and other substances, finding […]

Top Places to Eat Thanksgiving Dinner in Las Vegas

Are you staying in town for Thanksgiving this year or headed to Las Vegas for a vacation over the long Thanksgiving weekend and looking for a great place to eat? The good news is that you have a huge array of options, everything from low-cost buffets to multicourse fine dining. When it comes to food, […]

What Type of Addiction Treatment Is Right for You and Your Family?

It is almost always in the midst of crisis that families seek out drug addiction treatment programs. After months of attempts to stay clean and sober, continuous relationship problems at home, and ongoing financial difficulties, as well as difficulties with the law in many cases, many families get to the point where “enough is enough” […]