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Inpatient Programs

Helping a Loved One Struggling with Addiction

When you want to help a friend or loved one struggling with addiction, you might not know exactly what to do or say. It’s not always easy to know the difference between helping, enabling, and forcing someone to do something they may not be ready to do. The fact is, your loved one has the […]

Can a Person Be Admitted to Rehab the Same Day?

Making the decision to enter an inpatient drug rehabilitation program is a major life choice. Individuals who enter these programs are often demonstrating strong commitments to attempting to deal with their substance use disorder, and the treatment in these programs is often intense. Individuals may be admitted on the same day they are evaluated if […]

Male-Only Sober Living Homes

Post-rehabilitation recovery support programs can be gender-specific or coed. Men and women, whether LGBTQIA or not, can join mutual support groups or live in coed sober living homes. However, many men and women benefit from living in gender-specific housing, attending gender-specific rehabilitation, and seeking gender-specific support groups. Men face treatment obstacles that women do not, […]

Bringing Medication into a Sober Living Home

Modern sober living homes allow residents to live in a drug-free environment, practice behavioral changes they made in rehabilitation, and have greater personal freedom to attend work, school, or social functions. However, sober living homes are not medical facilities, and they do not provide medical services like doctors’ visits, therapy appointments, and medication dispensation. Many […]

Sober Living House Rules

Sober living homes are recovery residences that allow tenants the personal freedom to go to work, school, or job retraining programs while applying skills learned in rehabilitation programs to create a new, drug-free lifestyle. To support recovery and reduce the risk of relapse, sober living homes do not allow any drugs or alcohol on the […]