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Are Pregnant Women in Nevada Smoking Marijuana?

Across the country, rates of babies born addicted to opiate drugs have climbed along with the rates of opioid overdose deaths and addiction. While this issue has long been in focus for medical professionals in Nevada, the legalization of marijuana has had a startling and perhaps unexpected ripple effect that could impact our culture for […]

Will Sessions Invade Burning Man Next Year?

At the beginning of this month, as they have for years, tens of thousands of people braved the Nevada heat, dust storms, and even wildfires to attend Burning Man. Every year, the temporary city of Black Rock City is erected for the event in Nevada’s Black Rock desert, about 100 miles north of Reno. The […]

Marijuana Moon Rocks: What Are They?

Moon rocks, a type of marijuana, do not come from a specific strain of cannabis; instead, it is a combination of a potent strain of cannabis known as Girl Scout Cookies dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief (resins of cannabis plants). This results in a dramatic increase in the active ingredient in cannabis, […]

Is There a Marijuana Shortage in Nevada?

Recreational marijuana became available in Nevada this month, and within a few days, there was talk of a shortage in supply. People were waiting in 100+ temperatures for hours to be among the first to buy marijuana legally in the state. In the first few days of legal sales of the drug, an estimated $3 […]

Nevada Gaming Commission Maintains Anti-Marijuana Legalization Stance

The residents of Nevada may have voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last November, but the Nevada Gaming Commission isn’t having any of it. They have been explicitly against the vote since the beginning and made it clear that they in no way support casinos allowing for or providing marijuana to their customers. […]