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PTSD and Addiction

About 3.5% of Americans are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) each year, and roughly 1 in 11 are diagnosed at some point in their lives.1 In southern Nevada, the number of PTSD-related emergency department visits increased from 402 in 2009 to 3,718 in 2017, the latest year for which we have data.2 PTSD and […]

Self-Care: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Use It to Improve Your Recovery

Staying sober for the long-term is a task that is accomplished by putting together a ton of little pieces every day. That is, every small decision you make, even if it seems insignificant, can really help you to stay sober. Self-care encompasses a number of those little decisions, often the kinds of decisions that you […]

ADHD and Addiction

Studies show that people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also have an increased risk of substance use disorders (SUDs).1 When a person has ADHD or another mental health disorder in the presence of an SUD, this is known as having a co-occurring disorder. Roughly half of teens and adults with SUDs have a lifetime diagnosis of […]

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, is becoming increasingly popular in all kinds of treatment settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, individual and group therapy, and hospice care. Therapy animals, such as dogs and horses, have been shown to reduce stress, which helps to ease symptoms of mental illness, pain from chronic illness, and fear related to long-term […]

Can Yoga Help During Recovery?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that one in 10 Americans, ages 12 and older, struggles with an addiction. This condition is understood as a chronic illness of the brain, involving a complex relationship between genetics, family history, environment, and mental health. For many people, addiction is triggered when the person struggles with a […]