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Crystal Meth Withdrawal and Treatment

Crystal meth is a very powerful and addictive illegal stimulant drug.1,2 Crystal meth is a stronger form of methamphetamine, a legal drug often used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Crystal meth is also called “ice” or “glass” because of its clear crystal-like appearance. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected, and it produces a strong sense […]

Crystal Meth Addiction and Treatment

Crystal methamphetamine, or crystal meth, is a highly addictive substance that is illegal in all 50 states. This page will help you learn about the dangers of crystal meth and how to seek help. What Is Crystal Meth? Crystal meth is an illegal form of methamphetamine, a manmade (synthetic) stimulant drug. Methamphetamine and crystal meth […]

Meth: The Return of the Nevada Killer Drug

The rate of deaths caused by methamphetamine and other stimulants in Nevada is the highest in the country. If the rising trend in meth use and abuse continues as it has in the past few years, the number of deaths caused by methamphetamine will soon surpass the number of deaths caused by opiate overdose. The […]

NV Woman Pleads Guilty to Cross Country Meth Trafficking

A woman from Nevada has been charged for her part in trafficking meth from West Virginia to California. Kelly Newcomb, 56, pled guilty to interstate travel in furtherance of a drug crime, telling authorities that she rented a car in Las Vegas and drove her codefendant to California. There, 10 pounds of crystal meth were […]

1 Day, 30 Days or 90 Days How Long Does Meth Stay In Your Body?

We all know the dangers of Methamphetamine. It is an artificial drug created using common products found at the store. If you are abstaining, how long till it becomes undetectable? Unless you are independently wealthy, you will eventually need employment. If you pass the interview and have the skills for a job, then you will […]