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Using Insurance in a Sober Living Home

While sober living homes can provide people with a safe and sober environment, many may worry about the costs. Sober living homes can provide a lot of benefit, the most important of which may be the strong social support of your sober housemates. While this support network and these new experiences can be priceless, especially […]

Bringing Medication into a Sober Living Home

Modern sober living homes allow residents to live in a drug-free environment, practice behavioral changes they made in rehabilitation, and have greater personal freedom to attend work, school, or social functions. However, sober living homes are not medical facilities, and they do not provide medical services like doctors’ visits, therapy appointments, and medication dispensation. Many […]

Sober Living House Rules

Sober living homes are recovery residences that allow tenants the personal freedom to go to work, school, or job retraining programs while applying skills learned in rehabilitation programs to create a new, drug-free lifestyle. To support recovery and reduce the risk of relapse, sober living homes do not allow any drugs or alcohol on the […]

What Is Biofeedback Therapy?

According to Barr’s The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint, the nervous system is divided into two major sectors: the central nervous system that consists of the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system that consists of all the nerves outside the central nervous system. The central nervous system controls nearly every bodily […]

Naltrexone Therapy & Rehab

Naltrexone is an FDA-approved medication that is used as a form of medication-assisted treatment for both alcohol and opioid use disorders.1  It was initially developed in 1963, but was approved to treat opioid addiction in 1984 and alcohol use disorder in 1994.2,3 Naltrexone is available in pill form as ReVia or Depade, and there is a […]