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Deadly Marketing: Is Overdose the New Sales Pitch?

In the past year, more and more frequently, fentanyl has been the cause of the steadily rising number of drug overdoses in Nevada and across the country. Often, people start out using prescription painkillers, and then when they can no longer afford the pills or get enough of them to maintain their addiction, they turn […]

The Dangers of Drinking Rubbing Alcohol

Most families have a bottle of isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol) sitting in their cabinet at home. This chemical is typically used as a household cleaning product or as a disinfectant, such as a hand sanitizer. However, if someone in your home struggles with alcohol abuse, rubbing alcohol can serve as a temptation […]

Risks and Dangers of Alcohol Poisoning

Drinking is an incredibly popular social activity in the US, with 86.4 percent of individuals ages 18 and older reporting they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime, per the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Statistics provided by the same NSDUH survey indicated that 70.1 percent of these individuals reported […]

Spice Overdose, Withdrawal, and Side Effects

The term Spice is the street name for a number of drugs that are classified as synthetic cannabinoids. These drugs are mind-altering chemicals that are synthetically produced and marketed as being safe and legal alternatives to marijuana for individuals who cannot buy marijuana where it is legally available, who cannot afford real cannabis products, or […]

Overdose and Withdrawal Timelines from Bath Salts

The term bath salts refers to a number of substances that are known as synthetic cathinones. The stimulant drug cathinone is found in the African and Middle Eastern Khat plant. The indigenous people of these areas chew the leaves of the khat plant or brew them in a tea for their stimulant effects. The synthetic […]