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Prescription Drugs

Long-Term Risks of Spice Use

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), substances marketed as Spice, K2, or skunk are synthetic cannabinoids that are typically sold as liquids or powders. They can be used in e- cigarettes or rolled up in papers and smoked like cannabis products. Synthetic cannabinoids are chemically similar to the cannabinoids found in cannabis […]

Naloxone Offers a Reprieve, Not a Cure

It’s a medication that has been called a miracle, the only medication of its kind to successfully subvert an overdose in progress. Naloxone or Narcan can be administered via injection or as a nasal spray, and it is very easy to use. Though those who need it will generally be unable to give it to […]

Are Marijuana Lounges the New Bars in Nevada?

As Nevada explores the options available in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use, some are suggesting that so-called “pot lounges” are the way into the future, especially in the areas of the state that are heavily invested in tourist dollars and excessive recreation. The idea is that providing a place where it […]

Deadly Marketing: Is Overdose the New Sales Pitch?

In the past year, more and more frequently, fentanyl has been the cause of the steadily rising number of drug overdoses in Nevada and across the country. Often, people start out using prescription painkillers, and then when they can no longer afford the pills or get enough of them to maintain their addiction, they turn […]

Facts about Kratom Legalization

Many countries have deemed kratom unsafe for consumption as a tea and in capsule form. It’s also no longer legal to smoke it in many countries, such as: Australia Denmark Finland Ireland Malaysia Thailand Bulgaria In addition, some US states, like Arkansas, Vermont, and Alabama, have made the drug illegal. What Is Kratom? Kratom comes […]