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Medicare Coverage for Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas Nevada

Medicare is a federally-funded public health insurance program that may be able to help you cover some or all of the cost of attending rehab in Nevada.1  According to the National Mental Health Services Survey (N-MHSS), there are 66 mental health treatment facilities in Nevada, out of which 71.2% accept Medicare as a payment option.(4 […]

Using Insurance for Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Las Vegas Nevada

Every year, thousands of people seek treatment in Nevada’s 66 mental health facilities.1 Studies show that over 1,100 Nevadans ages 12 and older use alcohol each month.2 Rehab centers in Las Vegas are equipped to assist people with drug or alcohol addiction, with treatments ranging from inpatient to outpatient therapies. Both public and private insurance […]

How to Pay for Addiction Treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

Knowing how to pay for addiction treatment is important, as it can lead to lower costs and help encourage people in finding recovery. While costs can be daunting, it’s important to address substance abuse. If left untreated, substance abuse could spiral into a substance use disorder (SUD), with potentially severe consequences.1 While rehab can be […]

Using Insurance in a Sober Living Home

While sober living homes can provide people with a safe and sober environment, many may worry about the costs. Sober living homes can provide a lot of benefit, the most important of which may be the strong social support of your sober housemates. While this support network and these new experiences can be priceless, especially […]

Low on Funds? How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

The cost of drug addiction treatment programs is very often cited as one of the top obstacles to connecting with treatment. When drug rehab programs that are funded by the state or federal government are full, or the family makes too much to qualify for assistance and the family is in financial crisis after living […]