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Rehab Treatment

Can You Bring Your Pets to Treatment?

Addiction treatment is not an easy process. It’s typically a challenging and uncomfortable journey that can involve a lot of discomfort, both physical and emotional. It requires taking a good hard look at oneself to discover the roots of what led to substance abuse. Withdrawal itself can be incredibly trying. However, the end result of […]

Low on Funds? How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

The cost of drug addiction treatment programs is very often cited as one of the top obstacles to connecting with treatment. When drug rehab programs that are funded by the state or federal government are full, or the family makes too much to qualify for assistance and the family is in financial crisis after living […]

Writing a Sample Intervention Letter

An intervention letter is a good way for family members who are far away or who may not feel comfortable taking part in an addiction intervention in person to play a positive role from a distance. They can share their concerns, offer their emotional support, and talk about the hope that awaits with treatment. Additionally, […]

Staging an Intervention

An intervention is a deeply personal family experience, a planned honest moment in which family members and concerned friends gather in support of a loved one who is struggling with addiction and in need of immediate treatment. Because it is not uncommon for someone living with an addiction to deny the need for treatment and […]

Should I Travel for Rehab?

Understanding your options for rehab is important when you are considering getting help for a substance abuse problem. Navigating the world of substance abuse treatment can feel overwhelming and confusing at times. You are probably asking yourself many questions such as, “should I travel for rehab?” or “am I able to attend a rehab out […]