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Focus on Painkiller Addiction Treatment, Not Limiting Access, Says Congress

Congress is working on addressing the ongoing problem of painkiller addiction by focusing on connecting those who are struggling with the disorder with treatment rather than limiting access to painkillers for all patients, says The New York Times. Recently, the US House of Representatives passed 18 bills with the goal of managing the opioid addiction […]

Shut Up or Open Up? The Art of Getting Your Needs Met after Addiction Treatment

Whether you are clean and sober or actively living in addiction, the fact is that you won’t always get what you want in life. From the relatively insignificant things (like the movie you had been looking forward to turning out to be a total fail) to huge life-altering events (like an unwanted divorce), how you […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Addiction Treatment and Why None of Them Matter

Even if there are 100 good reasons to leave for rehab right away, it seems like it is never hard to come up with many more reasons to procrastinate and postpone getting help. Family constraints, work commitments, financial limitations, or denial that a problem that requires treatment exists can all seem like valid reasons to […]

My Thoughts On Johnny Depp Going To Rehab

I have read a few stories over the last couple days about Johnny Depp going to rehab, not going to rehab, needing rehab, not needing rehab etc. On the surface this may seem very black and white, either someone has a problem with drugs and alcohol, or they don’t. Right? Well, it my not be […]