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Sober Living

Paying for Sober Living

Sober living homes offer supportive, stable housing for people who are overcoming a substance use disorder or addiction. These homes are best suited for those who have already gone through a rehabilitation program, especially an inpatient program. Once the program ends, the sober living home offers the individual a transitional living situation as they create […]

Sober Living Homes Guide

Sober living homes are forms of transitional housing designed to support people overcoming substance abuse issues. Residents become more independent, with encouragement and social support through the sober environment created in the sober living home. Typically, these residences are based on the 12-Step philosophy, but as sober living homes become more popular, more recovery philosophies […]

Shut Up or Open Up? The Art of Getting Your Needs Met after Addiction Treatment

Whether you are clean and sober or actively living in addiction, the fact is that you won’t always get what you want in life. From the relatively insignificant things (like the movie you had been looking forward to turning out to be a total fail) to huge life-altering events (like an unwanted divorce), how you […]

Our Houses Welcome Everyone!

olutions Recovery has multiple beautiful houses with great things to offer. Refreshing pools, fully-stocked kitchens, comfy beds, the list goes on! One thing that all the houses also have in common is they are co-ed. Part of the treatment process is normalizing relationships with other people. The world that our clients walk into after treatment […]